Research Results:


a) Published

b) Accepted

  • Ciprian Jeler (ed.): Multilevel Selection and the Theory of Evolution – Historical and Conceptual Issues, Palgrave Macmillan: London.
  • Mihai Cernea: “Tales of a failed scientific revolution. Wynne-Edwards’ Animal Dispersion“, in Multilevel Selection and the Theory of Evolution – Historical and Conceptual Issues, Ciprian Jeler (ed.), Palgrave Macmillan: London.
  • Ciprian Jeler: “Price’s hierarchical equation and the notion of group fitness”, in Multilevel Selection and the Theory of Evolution – Historical and Conceptual Issues, Ciprian Jeler (ed.), Palgrave Macmillan: London.

c) Under review

  • Ciprian Jeler – article on the sense(s) in which a group can be called fitter than another one (under review at a major international journal indexed in Web of Science)

d) In preparation

  • Virgil Iordache – article on “Group selection as selection of quasi-organizations”



  1. Ciprian Jeler: “Group fitness and group productivity: a critical assessment of this relationship”, EPSA17 – The 2017 Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association, University of Exeter, 6-9 September 2017 (poster presentation).
  2. Ciprian Jeler: “Groups and their fitness in multi-level selection theory”, ECAP9 – The ninth European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, LMU Munich, 21-26 August 2017.
  3. Paula Postu and Ciprian Jeler: „Group fitness1 and evolution by natural selection”, The XIIth Edition of the Symposium „Ecology and Protection of Ecosystems”, „V. Alecsandri” University, Bacău, 2-4 November 2017 (poster presentation).
  4. Mihai Cernea: “What is a Biological Explanation? Between Aristotle and Darwin”, International Conference 2400 Aristotle, 25-26 November 2016, University of Bucharest, Romania.
  5.  Ciprian Jeler: “Traducerea darwinismului în domeniul socio-politic: despre câteva strategii (dez)interpretative ale darwiniştilor sociali” (“Translating Darwinism for socio-political matters: on some (mis)interpretive strategies of Social Darwinists”), Translation and interpretation – 8th Edition of the national colloquium of the Center for Hermeneutics, Phenomenology and Practical Philosophy, 10 – 11 November 2016, “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iaşi, Romania.
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  9. Ciprian Jeler: „Despre relevanţa teoriei selecţiei naturale la niveluri multiple pentru teoria evoluţiei” („On the Relevance of Multi-level Selection Theory for the Theory of Evolution”), 2 December 2015, „Francisc I. Rainer” Anthropology Institute of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest.



  1. „Sécurité et populations. Le problème de l’autorégulation” (“Security and populations. The issue of autoregulation”). Workshop co-organized by Ciprian Jeler (with Corneliu Bilba) at Peuples et populismes. Demos, ethnos, ochlos – 16th European Summer University of the OFFRES Network, 21 – 27 July 2016, University of Sofia, Bulgaria.